NBA 2K19
NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 review

NBA 2K series has been famous on consoles before it made its way to mobile devices. Sacrificing part of its grandness because of performance limitations, the developers sti...

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NBA 2K19 review

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NBA 2K19 review

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NBA 2K series has been famous on consoles before it made its way to mobile devices. Sacrificing part of its grandness because of performance limitations, the developers still make the best out of it. So, NBA 2K19 for iOS is already out there.

Gameplay 10/10

Basketball simulation games have its canon already, and this game follows it. It offers various modes of playing: MyCareer, where you create a player and lead him to success, Story Mode where you follow the real stars careers, and online PvP matches.

While playing a match on the court, you control one player, while the others are played automatically by AI. The app is rich in traditional basketball tricks, and it reveals its potential as you learn.

While the stories add some charm, the essence of the game happens on the court, where a basketball game is recreated in details. Controlling your player or switching between them, you lead your team to success.

Visuals 9/10

Of course, you shouldn’t expect the same graphical splendor as we see in NBA 2K series on consoles. But you’ll need to connect your device to Apple TV to see the difference. Frankly speaking, that’s why we cannot recommend playing it this way (though it’s possible with an MFi gamepad). On your phone and tablet, it will look very decent.

Players move quite naturally. The well-known stars you’ll encounter look and move like their prototypes; alas, the newborn stars aren’t drawn so close to real life. And of course, you can customize your player’s appearance down to slightest details. Skin color, face, body type, and the name.

A soundtrack deserves mentioning too. It offers you exclusive tracks from Bruno Mars, Travis Scott, Fall Out Boy, Lil’ Troy, Skepta, Nef the Pharaoh and other rock and hip-hop stars.

Play Play Repeat 10/10

Digital sports games are very, very replayable. The more you master it, the more difficult mode and the opponents you’ll encounter. Upgrades make it more fun but not easier. Online matches never reveal who you’re playing against this time, and the rival’s level may surprise you (as this time your opponent is not shown as explicitly as before).

Various modes are a special kind of pleasure. Story mode invites you to follow the stories of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, James Harden, and others. Basketball fans know it all, but it’s even more exciting to see what narrative the developers invent to tell it.

Controls 8/10

This game series have been mobile for not so long, but the controls scheme is firmly established. The virtual joystick in the left lower corner is used for movements. Buttons define specific actions, like shooting, passing, calling, defensive/offensive rebound, and so on. You can only control one player at a time; all the others are directed by AI. But you can switch the player you control by tapping a special button. Alas, these virtual buttons lack customization.

If you’re new to this, you’ll appreciate the tutorial before the game starts. As we’ve said, the game is compatible with MFi gamepads.

The Verdict

It’s a good mobile take on NBA 2K series, though old diehard fans always find some flaws. Not as greatly drawn as the console version, it makes good use of the new iOS potential (surely it won’t be the case with Android). It’s certainly worth its $7.99, if you like digital basketball at all.


  • Easy controls
  • Great graphics for a mobile game
  • Various modes
  • Online matches.


  • Not the cheapest one
  • Controls cannot be customized
  • There are issues with some players’ appearance.
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