Wawa review

A fast food and gas station chain Wawa. are very popular in the USA, it is available through its official mobile app as well. You don’t have to enter the store t...

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Wawa review

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Polad Aladi

Wawa review

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A fast food and gas station chain Wawa. are very popular in the USA, it is available through its official mobile app as well. You don’t have to enter the store to place your order; you can order a dish online, or even construct your own, according to your preferences. Not reinventing the wheel, Wawa official app brings coffee and burger experience to your phone.

Interface 10/10

Fast food ideology assumes you need to see familiar things, so you don’t spend the time to select. As you already know what’s up. The app is done the same way. It utilizes a simple menu, with five sections, each of them doing its work. Want to select something from the menu? Go home (we mean home screen of the app). Have already ordered what you want now? Reach it in Favorites section. As your order is prepared, paying for it looks just like it does in most online shipping apps.

If you want just to drop in and place your order after you arrive, just see the nearest stores on the map. There’s literally nowhere to get lost.

Menu and Features 8/10

As you open the app, you see all the products available in Wawa stores today. It can be coffee, sandwiches, salads, different beverages, or even the food you construct with a special master. It even shows you the calories your product contains. You can have these prepared for you in the location you select. When you get there, you can as well use the app for paying for your gas.

The app fully supports Wawa cards with their own balance; you just need to register it in the app. If you connect your debit or credit card to it, you can pay as you make your order and then get it delivered or waiting for you at a store. The map shows you where the nearest store is, and you can select it when setting up the delivery.

Tastes differ, and our 8 out of 10 is just in recognition of this fact, though Wawa frequenters can correct it to 10 if they think so.

Usability 10/10

Not requiring superfast connection or power plant productivity, the app is okay when it comes to placing your order from wherever you are, no matter if you’re sitting home or driving your car somewhere in the countryside. To motivate you into this app even more, Wawa chain offers rewards for every $50 you spend with this app, and just for being a member of the reward program.

Alas, it won’t work with very old devices, as it requires at least Android 6.0 or iOS 9.1.

Any Glitches? 6/10

Alas, the app doesn’t work equally good on all devices, and the saddest thing is it’s unpredictable. Some users report that updated versions won’t run on their smartphones, but rolling back to the previous version helps. Others have to put up with glitches until they’re fixed in new version. Some report the app won’t start on their devices at all. Luckily these glitches are rare, but if you run into a problem, you can’t be sure it has any common solution.

The Verdict

If Wawa is your frequent gas station or fast food point, you’ll be glad about this app saving your time and money. It has its glitches, but if you have more than one device, chances are it will run smoothly on at least one of them.


  • Food and gas online ordering
  • Wawa card and debit/credit cards support
  • Rewards for frequent customers
  • A station map
  • Food constructor.


  • Some bugs and glitches reported
  • It may be hard to make it out for older people.
Menu and Features
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